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Roads and highways

Broadleaf has worked for many years on projects involving roads, highways and associated infrastructure, including bridges and tunnels, for owners (usually Government agencies), contractors and alliances between public and private sector organisations.

Abu Dhabi Department of Transport

We conducted a ‘look back’ process to examine and learn lessons from the tendering and procurement process for a Public Private Partnership for a major highway

Barclay Mowlem

We undertook a quantitative analysis of uncertainty in a road improvement projects to be delivered under an alliance arrangement with the local road authority; the purpose was to establish a realistic ceiling price for funding and to develop a target cost for the alliance contract that would generate appropriate incentives for all the alliance parties and support an appropriate sharing of risks and rewards between them

Baulderstone Hornibrook

We conducted two risk assessments at the bidding stage for a freeway extension involving substantial tunnelling work, one from the perspective of the contractor for its own tender submission and one from the perspective of the owner (the road authority) to ensure the owner’s key risks would also be addressed in the tender response

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Australia

We facilitated a process to help the Department assess the risks that might affect repayment of a concessional loan facility provided to a State Government agency for a highway and tunnel project


We conducted risk assessments and developed risk management plans for highway construction projects and intersection upgrades

Hills Motorway

We undertook a peer review of the outcomes of a value management workshop that examined options for the establishment of park-and-ride facilities for an urban motorway

John Holland

We conducted a risk management training workshop for personnel involved in bidding for a large highway upgrade

Leighton Contractors

We facilitated qualitative risk assessment workshops for an urban motorway project

We examined security options to meet critical infrastructure regulations for an urban road tunnel during its design and construction phase and the operations and maintenance phase, and for an urban busway

We undertook quantitative risk analyses to examine the capital cost for an urban road tunnel, an urban tunnel and highway, a rural highway bypass and the widening of an urban motorway

We undertook quantitative risk analyses to determine the target out-turn cost for alliance contracts for an urban road tunnel and a rural highway duplication program

Leighton New Zealand

We facilitated quantitative risk analyses of the capital costs for three major motorway extension projects

State Transit Authority, New South Wales

We conducted a review of the Authority’s approach to managing risk and then went on to develop a new risk management framework

This led to training for managers and risk management champions on the practical implementation of the new approach and framework

Roads and Maritime Services, New South Wales

We conducted root cause analyses to identify risks associated with nonconforming imported products and materials used in road projects, with a focus on the international supply chain

Roads and Traffic Authority, New South Wales

We conducted a risk assessment of the concept analysis for a long-distance highway upgrade program

We examined the risks associated with the quantity of testing of pavements during design and construction

We helped assess threats and opportunities associated with a proposed change in vehicle emissions testing policies

We conducted a risk assessment of a strategic bridge where the maintenance of commuter traffic flows was critical

Telstra Applied Technologies

We facilitated a risk assessment for a multi-contract high-technology heavy vehicle surveillance, management and safety system


We conducted quantitative risk analyses of the capital costs for three rural highway upgrade projects, including one in a mine subsidence area

Transport SA, South Australia

We facilitated a risk assessment of the strategic management plan for the Department, and a subsequent executive review

We undertook a risk assessment of a proposal to install coin-operated breath-testing devices in hotels and licensed premises


We developed the enterprise risk management framework for the organisation

We conducted risk assessments for tollway projects

We conducted several 4-day courses for risk management champions and also trained project managers in risk management; we ran specialised training in root cause analysis and control assurance

We developed governance reporting arrangements for the Board and mentored the Directors on risk management

Other work in the transport sector

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