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About Broadleaf

At Broadleaf we help our clients deal with uncertainty and complexity, from simple risk assessments and decision support to complicated analysis of options and challenging decisions. We assist at all levels, from individual projects and isolated requirements through to organisational risk management frameworks and strategic capabilities. We add value to small but important exercises as well as large and difficult undertakings. We understand the fundamentals of uncertainty and risk management.

We are a small team of professionals. We have all spent many years in consulting and senior line roles, working with clients, organisations and projects in many parts of the world. Our backgrounds include high levels of technical capability, combined with practical business experience. We offer pragmatic approaches to real problems, underpinned by sound techniques and analyses that are tailored to your needs.

We have always been involved in extending and developing risk management processes and practice. As well as our work on national and international standards-setting bodies, we prepare tutorial papers, write articles for publication, write books and present at conferences.

The company was founded in 1991.