• Broadleaf presents at PMI Australia’s conference

    Grant Purdy and Steve Grey both presented at this week's Project Management Institute conference. They also both participated in the risk management roundtable. Both Grant and Steve emphasised that approaches used to manage risk within projects should be straightforward and consistent with the project management process to be fully relevant and useful.

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  • Complying with the new ASX Principle 7

    The third version of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations contains significantly revised requirements for the demonstration and assurance of effective risk management. Grant Purdy recently led two breakfast seminars that discussed and provided advice on how listed companies can comply with the new requirements.

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  • PMI Australia Conference (Sep 2014)

    Grant Purdy and Stephen Grey will both be presenting at the PMI Australia Conference in Melbourne (8-10 Sep 2014). Grant will also chair a panel on 'Creating value from managing risk in projects'. Stephen will be one of the members of the panel.

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  • Bushfire ignition risk analysis for power lines

    An electricity transmission company commissioned Broadleaf to develop a risk analysis methodology and model to provide it with a sound basis for decisions on the management of the risks associated with its assets igniting bush fires The approach developed is, we believe, unique and was enthusiastically received when it was presented to the company’s executive team this week.

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