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Health, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

Broadleaf has worked with a variety of organisations involved in the health sector and related areas, including government agencies, private sector companies, industry associations and not-for-profit organisations. We have also worked with venture capital providers with investments, or potential investments, across the sector.


Some of the clients with which we have been engaged are noted below.



Government and related entities

Ambulance Victoria

Department of Health and Ageing, Australia

Department of Human Services, Victoria

Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia

Health region, Victoria

New Zealand: Ministry of Health, and District Health Boards

NSW Department of Community Services

NSW Treasury

University college

Private sector

Allegiance Systems

Anteo Diagnostics

Aspen Medical

CSL Limited

Engineering company (identity not disclosed)

Glaxo Smith Kline


Industry associations

Medicines Australia


Some of the assignments on which we have worked are summarised below.



Enterprise risk management processes

Business risk assessment advice

Development of a risk management approach to monitoring the compliance of child-care service providers with regulations; a protocol for monitoring service providers; and a self-assessment tool for the management committees of child-care centres

Development of risk management strategies and plans for remote area operations

Review and revision of the risk management framework and processes, and update of the risk register

Review and update of the Risk Management Plan

Review of the effectiveness of risk management implementation

Qualitative risk assessment

Coronavirus protection strategy

Initial risk assessment for a start-up business

Risk assessment and analysis of options for expanding a dispensary for pharmaceutical production

Risk assessment and treatment planning for a major product development and strategic initiative

Risk assessment of an aged care education and training incentive program

Risk assessment of one of a suite of projects to develop financial management, control and supporting systems to meet future health needs

Quantitative analysis of uncertainty

Development and analysis of a quantitative model of uncertainty in the capital costs and operating costs for the redevelopment of a large regional hospital, proposed to be undertaken as a public private partnership (PPP)

Quantitative analyses of uncertainty in costs, and costs and benefits, for numerous health-related projects

Quantitative analysis of the potential liability associated with a contract to develop an enterprise health data warehouse

Quantitative limits of liability in a contract for the supply of medical and health-related services

Quantitative model of uncertainty in the implementation schedule for a health networks’ payroll systems upgrade

Spatial modelling of pandemic influenza

Other activities

Advisory services associated with an organisational efficiency review

Design review of waste removal from the liquids packing line of a pharmaceutical company

Literature review of risk management in the blood sector