Broadleaf working with VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal)

Broadleaf was asked to review and update VCAT's organisational risk management process. The existing process had not been brought into line with the latest standard, ISO 31000:2009. As VCAT moved into the newly established Courts Services Victoria administration, there was an opportunity to improve the risk management process and consider the uncertainties arising from the transition. This presented challenges and offered opportunities as well.

Personnel were engaged in a comprehensive ISO 31000 risk assessment focused around three workshops: establishing the context, risk assessment and treatment planning. Establishing the context brought about a lot of valuable communication between the three main teams within VCAT; the Members of the panel, the Registry, and the administration. The risk assessment raised matters of deep significance to VCAT's success and documented their causes, impacts and controls as well as characterising the level of consequences, likelihood and control effectiveness.

The treatment workshop linked the risks with VCAT's strategic planning process. Existing work and additional measures were identified to enhance VCAT's performance through attention to risks.

The work and outcomes are documented in a case study here.