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Middle East and North Africa

We have worked with organisations in the Middle East and North Africa since 2001, across a range of sectors. Some of our clients and activities in the area are outlined below.

Abu Dhabi Department of Transport

We developed an ERM framework and implementation plan including standards, best practice methods and the configuration of a risk management information system

We provided strategic procurement advice

We facilitated a risk assessment of the entire strategy for the implementation of the Abu Dhabi Surface Transport Master Plan

We provided the risk management components of tender documents and assisted in the evaluation of tenders for PMC providers for the Abu Dhabi Light Rail Transit / Tram Project, and for the Abu Dhabi Metro Project, both part of the Surface Transport Master Plan

We provided risk management training for senior project and PMO managers

We facilitated look back reviews using root cause analysis of the tendering processes associated with the PPP for the strategic Mafraq-Ghweifat Highway

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

We have worked for many ADNOC Operating Companies since 2001, including ADNOC Offshore (formerly ZADCO), ADNOC Onshore (formerly ADCO) and ADNOC LNG (formerly ADGAS)

We have also worked with ADNOC HQ on aspects of enterprise risk management: we assisted ADNOC to develop a risk management self-assessment tool, applied it across all 14 operating companies in the ADNOC Group and assisted in evaluating improvement plans across the operating companies; we developed mandatory risk management guidelines; we developed an ERM assurance program; we developed advanced ERM training material; and we provided advice on other risk management matters

ADNOC LNG (formerly Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company, ADGAS)

We developed an ERM framework and standards, and we began implementing it with the management team

We developed a project risk management framework, and we work regularly with Projects Division to apply it to major projects (including the Integrated Gas Development Project)

We assisted in the Quarterly Performance Review that targeted corporate risk

We provided introductory training for the proposed risk management champions

We worked with the Projects Division to develop specific wording relating to risk management for inclusion in request for tender documents, and evaluated the relevant sections of the associated tender responses

We assisted the company develop a risk appetite statement and identify key risk indicators

ADNOC Offshore (formerly Zakum Development Company, ZADCO)

We developed and implemented the Zadco Business Risk Management System, and a related framework for project risk management

We applied the framework throughout the Zadco business and to several large projects

We provided training as necessary to selected business units

We continue to work with the company on specific project risk assessments and the identification of treatment options

ADNOC Onshore (formerly Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil, ADCO)

We developed an ERM process for ADCO, and we applied it across business units and functions to assist in constructing a corporate risk register

We conducted risk assessments to provide an input to the internal audit and assurance plan

Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund

We provided a 2-day ERM course for the Chief Executive and his senior management team

We developed and implemented an ERM framework, standards and guidelines

We conducted strategic risk assessments and risk treatment workshops for inclusion in the Strategic Plan

ACWA Power International

We prepared and conducted a project risk assessment for a large group of stakeholders in the Rabigh Independent Power Project.

Bariq Mining

We conducted a quantitative risk analysis of the capital cost uncertainty for the Jabal Sayid Project, a copper-gold development in Saudi Arabia. It built upon qualitative risk assessments carried out by the project team, and provided a complementary view of the risk and its implications for the funding required to be able to complete the project.

BHP Petroleum

We undertook qualitative risk assessments for development projects in Algeria and Pakistan, including pipeline and gas-to-liquids proposals

We conducted lessons-learned workshops for the post-completion review of a large North African development project

Emirates LNG

We facilitated risk assessment and risk treatment workshops associated with an LNG regasification facility


We prepared and delivered enterprise risk management training to a group of clients in Qatar, primarily from the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors


We conducted a project risk review and bow tie analyses for the West Qurna 2 development in Iraq

Ma’aden (Saudi Arabian Mining Company)

We conducted quantitative risk analyses of costs and schedule for the Ma’aden Aluminium Project

Saudi Aramco

We provided tailored quantitative risk management training for selected managers and analysts in the company, with a focus on the refinery business