The colour of hydrogen

As the planet confronts global warming, hydrogen will become an increasingly important energy source, affecting many sectors in which Broadleaf works. Hydrogen is important because it can be environmentally friendly:

  • It can be produced from renewables
  • Energy can be extracted from hydrogen in an environmentally friendly manner: whether used for combustion or in fuel cells, its primary by-product is water, rather than the carbon dioxide that is generated by burning hydrocarbons such as natural gas, coal, crude oil, other hydrocarbon liquids or biomass.

Hydrogen is described in different ways, according to the energy sources and feedstocks used to produce it and the kinds of by-products that are generated. To assist those interested in this matter of growing importance, this tutorial summarises the colour descriptions attributed to specific forms of hydrogen production and outlines some of the associated technologies.

A selection of source references is provided.

You can read the full tutorial here.