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Stephen Grey

Associate Director

Dr Stephen Grey has a background in analytical modelling and particular experience with the analysis of costs and schedules for large complex projects.

Stephen Grey joined Broadleaf In 1996. Since then, his work has encompassed many sectors including resources, infrastructure, construction, IT, communications, climate change, and public sector procurement. In addition to his work in Australia and New Zealand, his assignments with Broadleaf have taken him to the UK, South Africa, the Philippines, the USA and Canada.

Prior to joining Broadleaf, following the award of his PhD In Physics, Stephen worked for the UK Ministry of Defence on solid rocket propellants and related projects, on large systems studies and in support of large and complex communications projects with STC (UK) and then on risk management of IT and communications projects for ICL UK.

While he works across all areas of project and organisational risk management and decision making, Stephen has a particular interest in projects and the application of modelling techniques to uncertainty in cost estimates, implementation schedules, cash flows and other quantitative measures of project outcomes. He wrote one of the first books to describe the application of inexpensive PC based simulation tools to the assessment of project cost and schedule uncertainty and has been at the forefront in developing techniques for quantitative project cost and schedule risk modelling.

Stephen also maintains a strong interest in complexity science and its potential applications to risk management and the management of large projects.

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