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Geoffrey Raymond

Associate Director

Geoffrey Raymond joined Broadleaf Capital International in 1996. He is a highly capable risk management consultant. His main activities are in organisational and project risk management. He has assisted organisations in the development and implementation of an enterprise risk management framework and associated processes. He has implemented project risk management for very large, new technology and complex ownership projects as well as small capital projects where cost effectiveness is a priority. He regularly undertakes qualitative and quantitative risk assessments and analyses, strategic planning, project value improvement, hazard assessment and risk management training, for both public and private sector clients.

His clients have ranged from fledgling venture capital prospects to multi billion dollar projects for large oil and gas, infrastructure and resource sector clients. He has worked with major projects to improve controls and treatment actions to reduce threats and capture opportunities. He has worked in the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

Geoffrey Raymond received a double degree from the University of Sydney: Bachelor of Science majoring in chemistry and Bachelor of Engineering (Hons. Chemical Engineering).

In 1979 he joined ICI Australia. During his ten years with ICI he held production, plant management and a range of project management positions. As a result of his interest in improvement projects, in 1988 he joined Honeywell where he was responsible for the identification of business opportunities and working with clients to develop justify and improve the value of projects.

In 1990 he joined BHP Engineering. He became manager of the Risk Engineering Services and Environmental Services business units. His assignments included providing support services to major projects, undertaking strategic, operational and technical studies (including commercial, technology, safety and environmental risk assessments, and value management studies) and conducting training programs.

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