New material added to our web site

Since our last newsletter we have added a great deal of new material to our web site. Here is a summary, with links directly to the new pages.

We will be adding new case studies over the next few months.

New resource material

Tender price risk

Tender risk assessment enables the comparison of alternative bids with different prima facie technical and commercial offerings and headline prices. This allows a rational comparison of low-cost offers with limited capability against higher-cost bids with high grade expertise, where both may be acceptable at face value but implementation is expected to play out differently depending on which one is selected.

Enhancing team effectiveness

It is often necessary to draw a team together and change unhelpful behaviour or re-establish its focus. This paper describes the use of risk management concepts and processes to enhance team effectiveness. It is based on observations over many years of both coincidental and planned improvements in team effectiveness that have been achieved in this way.

Setting priorities for risk treatment and assurance of controls

In an organisational setting, risk assessment processes often identify many risks, but managers usually have limited time and resources available for dealing with them. Managers need to be able to set priorities to focus their attention on the areas where the application of effort will produce the most effective risk treatment and assure the effectiveness of controls.

Effective risk management under PGPA

Broadleaf has developed a range of innovative risk management services to assist Commonwealth entities in meeting their risk management obligations under the new Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (the PGPA Act).

Project cost contingency

Project cost contingency setting is an important part of managing risk in projects. This note describes how a contingency is related to a base estimate and project risk as well as outlining how it is utilised during project execution.

New case studies

Risk management and strategic planning for a revenue collection agency

This case describes the identification and assessment of the main strategic threats and opportunities for a Government revenue collection agency. These were to form an important input to the agency's strategic planning process.

Helping a JV decide whether to submit a bid

A joint venture consortium was considering whether or not to proceed to a full evaluation and a commercial bid for the development of a coal resource and a long-term coal supply agreement. This would have required a significant investment of time and resources by the JV partners. We helped them examine the issues surrounding the bid and its commercial implications before they committed themselves.

Exploring synergies in an organisational merger

Two property services organisations, one with a corporate structure and one a partnership, had agreed to merge their businesses into a new corporate entity. An opportunity and threat workshop was conducted, as part of a larger team-building process.

Risk-adjusted forecast of EBIT

The new CEO of a listed company wanted to develop a risk-adjusted forecast of earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) that he could announce to the securities market with a high degree of confidence that it could be achieved.

Risk assessment for assurance planning

We conducted a corporate risk assessment, using an extended risk analysis process with control effectiveness and potential exposure measures, to assist in developing the company’s Internal Audit Plan.

Treatment options for improving air travel safety

One of our clients conducts exploration and mining in West Africa. The local commercial airline has a poor safety reputation, and air travel in the country is generally high risk. We prepared and facilitated a workshop to examine travel options that would reduce the level of risk.

The services we provide

We have added descriptions of further services we provide.

Risk treatment

Risk treatment involves a process to modify a risk by changing the consequences that could occur or their likelihood. This process requires creative consideration of options and detailed design, both inputs being necessary to find and select the best risk treatment.

Value management

Value management, sometimes called value engineering, is a key value improving practice. Broadleaf can facilitate a proven process that uses appropriate tools to improve and hopefully optimise the value outcomes for a project.

Technical risk analysis and hazard studies

Technical risk analysis and hazard studies cover a broad range of techniques. With our capability and experience, we focus on technical risk analysis and hazard studies that are complex, high profile, urgent, critical or where there are potentially important or difficult issues to manage between the stakeholders involved.