Keynote presentation at the AURIMS Conference 2019

Dr Dale Cooper was invited to make a keynote presentation to the annual conference of AURIMS, the Australian Universities Risk and Insurance Management Society, held in Melbourne on 3-5 April 2019. The theme of the conference was 'The Future of Universities: Adapting to Change, Innovation and Disruption'.

The topic of the presentation was 'Big risks in the tertiary sector'. After a brief outline of ‘big risks’, the presentation focused on how risk managers can support the development of scenarios where big risks might arise. It discussed how risk managers can make useful contributions to decisions, and it pointed out that simple, ’standard’ risk management processes are unlikely to be sufficient. Finally it summarised recent evidence about the value of sound risk management for organisational value and resilience, thus providing support for the involvement of risk managers in strategic decision making.

A copy of the presentation is available from the link here.