Dr Dale Cooper: Updated chapter in Dr David Hillson’s ‘The Risk Management Handbook’ 2nd edition

Dr David Hillson (Editor), 'The Risk Management Handbook' 2nd edition

We have worked with Dr David Hillson (also known as the Risk Doctor) for many years.

The first edition of David's book, The Risk Management Handbook, was published by Kogan Page in June 2016. A new, second edition will be published on 3 August 2023.

Dr Dale Cooper has contributed an updated chapter, Project, programme and portfolio risk management.

About the book

David's book has been updated and extended with new material and new chapters to reflect recent developments in risk management.

Chapters and authors


Dr David Hillson

Part One: Dimensions of Risk Management


Introducing Risk

Dr David Hillson


Enterprise Risk Management

John Crawley and Emer McAneny


Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Risk Management

Dr Sarah Gordon


Operational Risk Management

Dr Ariane Chapelle


Financial Risk Management

Clive Thompson


Business Continuity Management

Ian Clark


Reputational Risk Management

Arif Zaman


Project, Programme and Portfolio Risk Management

Dr Dale Cooper


Supply Chain Risk Management

Linda Conrad


Cyber Risk Management

Alex Stezycki


Legal Risk Management

Dr Sam De Silva


Climate Change Risk Management

Martin Massey


Political Risk Management

Robert McKellar


Country Risk Management

Nicki Kons


Stakeholder Risk Management

Dr Lynda Bourne


Ethics in Risk Management

Giusi Meloni


Risk Management in International Development Cooperation

Magda Stepanyan

Part Two: Cross-cutting disciplines


Risk Culture

Alex Hindson


Risk-Based Decision Making

Keith Smith


Risk Leadership in Complexity

Dr Richard Barber



Dr Erica Seville


Communicating Uncertainty

Professor Veronica Bowman OBE


Organisational Change Management and Risk

Dr Ruth Murray-Webster

Epilogue: The future of risk management

Dr David Hillson

Publication details

EAN: 9781398610613

Edition: 2

Published: 3rd August 2023

Format: 234x156

416 pages

About Dr Cooper's chapter, Project, Programme and Portfolio Risk Management

Why is project, programme and portfolio risk management important?

Project risk management has been around for a long time and there are well-established processes for doing it. Despite this, projects ‘go wrong’, and sometimes they fail spectacularly. They either don't deliver the value they were intended to provide, they cost more than expected or they take longer than planned.

Risk management can’t substitute for poor project management, but good risk management can go some way to identifying and managing opportunities for generating better project outcomes and avoiding major failures.

Good risk management becomes even more important, and more useful, as projects become larger or more complex and as projects are grouped into programmes and portfolios that must be managed in a coordinated manner.

What's new?

This chapter has been revised since the first edition, to reflect changes in international standards, particularly IEC 62198, Managing risk in projects – Application guidelines, ISO 31000, Risk management – Guidance, and ISO 21500, Project, programme and portfolio management – Context and concepts.

It also refers to new or updated material from the Project Management Institute (PMI) on project, programme and portfolio management and agile project management.

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