Coronavirus and related case studies

We have published two topical case studies on our web site. One is very recent, developed in response to the current coronavirus pandemic. The other is older, outlining spatial models of pandemic influenza.

Coronavirus protection strategy for a university college

The first case describes a simple yet rapid vulnerability analysis, conducted in March 2020. It helped the management team of a university residential college to develop a comprehensive protection strategy when confronted by an evolving coronavirus threat.

It demonstrates that a simple approach to understanding vulnerability can equip managers with a ready means to make critical decisions in the face of much uncertainty and a quickly-changing context.

The strategy developed here has been shared, adapted and is being used by other residential colleges.

The full case study is available here.

Spatial modelling of pandemic influenza

The second case describes work we conducted some years ago. It outlines the development of a powerful and flexible simulation environment for modelling epidemic and pandemic influenza, aimed at helping policy makers explore a range of scenarios and interventions for the control of an outbreak.

It allows public health epidemiologists and disease managers to study the spread of disease in an urban population, evaluate ways of limiting virus transmission, and examine strategies for avoiding an exponential explosion in cases that would overwhelm public health resources.

The full case study is available here.