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Partner organisations

Broadleaf works closely with a small group of selected partner organisations, all of whom have similar attributes of high integrity and high quality service delivery. We have Memoranda of Understanding with many of them.

Australia: Landell

For many years, Broadleaf has worked with Landell on public sector procurements, providing risk analysis and modelling to support Landell’s specialist procurement services. Landell works with the public sector and not for profit organisations to get the best value from their supply arrangements. Our specialist expertise in risk management and decision support has complemented Landell’s work to deliver benefits to clients.

We have recently collaborated on the preparation of a training course, part of Landell's Values of Government and Procurement (VGAP) accreditation scheme that is designed to enhance good commercial and ethical decision making in public sector procurement and service delivery. Broadleaf has developed and will deliver a specialist element of the course covering risk in procurement.

India: SAMA Audit Systems & Softwares

SAMA is based in Mumbai and Puna. We first worked with Manish Pipalia and Deepjee Singhal in 2001, when we were both on assignment with an oil and gas company in Abu Dhabi. Since then we have conducted training workshops with SAMA in Mumbai and Delhi, covering project risk management and enterprise risk management, as well as participating in seminars on risk management and assurance and managing risks associated with climate change.

Iran: Dr Hooman Attar

Hooman Attar is a management consultant, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management and MBA Programme Director (International Division) at Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran, and an Honorary Research Fellow at Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney. Broadleaf and Dr Attar are developing enterprise risk management opportunities with large organisations in Iran, under a Memorandum of Understanding agreed in April 2014.

Qatar: Excelledia Quality Consulting

Excelledia are our partners in Doha, Qatar. We have delivered several enterprise risk management training courses with Excelledia in Doha, as well as exploring joint opportunities in the United Arab Emirates with Excelledia's Dubai office.

South Africa: Mondial Consultants

We have known Oliver Laloux, the CEO of Mondial Consultants, for many years. Oliver and his team in Johannesburg deliver Broadleaf training courses to one of our joint clients in South Africa and provide local support for us. We are currently exploring opportunities where Broadleaf's capabilities in quantitative modelling of uncertainty complement those of Mondial.

United Kingdom: Risk Doctor Partnership

We have worked with Dr David Hillson (the Risk Doctor) for many years. The companies formalised their business relationship in December 2013 when they signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Sydney. Both companies have strong track records as leading thinkers and providers of practical, high-level risk management services. In a joint statement at the time of signing the MoU, Dale Cooper and David Hillson stressed the extended support the two companies could offer clients through their shared strengths, complementary skills and wider geographical coverage.

United States: The ALS Group

Dale Cooper of Broadleaf and Al Sica, Principal of The ALS Group, based in New Jersey, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in May 2014. This will allow the companies to explore their complementary capabilities. The ALS Group approaches risk management from a background in insurance services, which provides a complementary perspective to Broadleaf's experience in enterprise risk management and project risk management.