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  • COVID Safe music education and performance

    Throughout the world education has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially so with music education where, either singly or in ensembles, children and young adults learn how to master their instruments and play together in orchestras and bands. This is a particularly challenging environment for infection control, as it is difficult to require social distancing and mask wearing for groups of young people from different families and different schools. Particularly for wind instruments, where masks can’t be worn, the aerosol particles produced by an infected musician can carry viruses for a considerable distance. Grant Purdy has worked with Melbourne Youth Orchestras (MYO) for many years. This year he has helped them develop a strategy to continue to rehearse and explore music safely.

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Risk management in sport and recreational activities is important for organisations and individuals running the organisations, for owners and operators of sporting and recreational facilities, as well as for those participating in sporting and recreational activities.

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