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Governance assurance and oversight

Material on risk management and its links with governance, oversight, internal audit and assurance processes in organisations, investments and projects

  • Getting the most out of risk assessment

    Dr Stephen Grey made a presentation on recent developments in qualitative risk analysis to the Melbourne Chapter of the Project Management Institute on 29 April 2014. It covered 3 topics; recent developments in approaches to risk management, the benefits a risk assessment can bring to a project team outside of the core risk management activity, and what we can learn from the relationships between risks.

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  • Governance oversight and the risk management framework

    The risk management framework is the foundation for effective risk management. The new ASX Principle 7 requires organisations to implement a sound framework and for boards to carry out annual assessments of the effectiveness of these frameworks. This means that organisations have to move on from sending reports containing 'lists of risks' to Boards to provide them with information on their framework and its effectiveness. This presentation describes a risk management framework and its components and shows how companies can report to a board on the effectiveness of its approach to risk management.

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  • Effective risk management and governance

    The third version of the ASX *Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations* contains significantly revised requirements for the demonstration and assurance of effective risk management. Grant Purdy recently led two breakfast seminars that discussed and provided advice on how listed companies can comply with the new requirements.

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  • Setting priorities for risk treatment and assurance of controls

    In an organisational setting, risk assessment processes often identify many risks, but managers usually have limited time and resources available for dealing with them. Managers need to be able to set priorities to focus their attention on the areas where the application of effort will produce the most effective risk treatment and assure the effectiveness of controls.

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  • Effective risk management under PGPA

    Broadleaf has developed a range of innovative risk management services to assist Commonwealth entities in meeting their risk management obligations under the new *Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013* (the PGPA Act).

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  • Evaluating the effectiveness of risk management

    This guide describes a systematic way of finding how effective is an organisation’s current approach to managing risk, leading to a realistic improvement program. It stresses how management must be involved in all stages to ensure success.

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  • Control effectiveness

    This note discusses control effectiveness, a measure of the aggregate effectiveness of all the controls that act on a specific risk.

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  • Investment opportunity management and governance

    All organisations must invest effort and capital to grow, but sustained growth does not happen by accident. Organisations need prudent processes to assemble, progress and manage a portfolio of investment opportunities.

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