Creating value from uncertainty

Broadleaf Capital International is a specialist risk management consultancy. Our expert team brings decades of experience, leading methods and a deep understanding of uncertainty and how it can be understood and managed. We operate around the world.

Latest from Broadleaf

  • Spatial modelling of pandemic influenza

    This case outlines the development of a powerful and flexible simulation environment for modelling epidemic and pandemic influenza, aimed at helping policy makers explore a range of scenarios and interventions for the control of an outbreak. It allows public health epidemiologists and disease managers to study the spread of disease in an urban population, evaluate ways of limiting virus transmission, and examine strategies for avoiding an exponential explosion in cases that would overwhelm public health resources.

  • Broadleaf and the coronavirus crisis

    Broadleaf is still at work! The Broadleaf team works from home offices, so we are facing little internal disruption to our work from the current coronavirus crisis. We remain available by telephone and email, but we’ve adjusted our face-to-face interactions with our friends and clients. We have adapted our ways of working to fit in with the new business environment in which we must all operate.