Creating value from uncertainty

Broadleaf Capital International is a specialist risk management consultancy. Our expert team brings decades of experience, leading methods and a deep understanding of risk and its management. We operate around the world.

Latest from Broadleaf

  • An index of the stability of business forecasts

    A client concerned about the reliability of project forecasts wanted a way to assess how stable they were over the life of a project. If a profit forecast is reliable, the cash flow of the business can be managed to take advantage of it. While most people can see the difference between a steady forecast and one that moves up and down erratically from month to month, a purely subjective assessment can be challenged, making it difficult to hold people to account for this aspect of their management performance. Broadleaf developed a simple mechanism to introduce objectivity into the process.

  • Foundations of risk management

    Although Broadleaf often provides bespoke training for its clients in all aspects of risk management, ordinarily we do not hold public courses. However, our experience over many years has enabled us to understand the minimum knowledge and skills people need to manage risk effectively in any organisation. This is the background to this series of ten, short presentations that provide an outline training course in modern-day risk management. While the course is aligned with ISO 31000, the language and concepts presented reflect best practice approaches which are both relevant and understandable. We will be issuing the modules on a monthly basis.