Creating value from uncertainty

Broadleaf Capital International is a specialist risk management consultancy. Our expert team brings decades of experience, leading methods and a deep understanding of uncertainty and how it can be understood and managed. We operate around the world.

Latest from Broadleaf

  • Wind turbines for a residential building

    Our client was the owner of a portfolio of high-rise residential buildings. It planned to install wind turbines on several of its buildings. The aim was to enhance its reputation for sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, offsetting energy use from other sources and striving for a ‘zero carbon’ outcome. The risk assessment we facilitated provided a comprehensive understanding of the challenges the project would face and how they were related to one another.

  • Complexity – What’s new?

    Complexity is mentioned in professional discussions from astrophysics to zoology. There is a sense that previous generations led a simpler existence and did not have to deal with it. Understanding whether this is true or not can help to put into perspective present day efforts to handle complexity. A complete history of complexity and efforts to cope with it would be an enormous undertaking but useful insights can be gained from an interesting paper written almost sixty years ago. In language that would not seem out of place today, Charles E. Lindblom described the dilemma of addressing systems with no ordered cause-effect relationships using methods based on systems that do have ordered cause-effect relationships. The challenges he described still exist but there are now ways to address complexity directly rather than try to fight against it or pretend it does not exist.